Monday, 2 March 2015

A Statement on R.O.C

Thanks to all the people who've bought ROC so far. It is flying off the shelves, like a Jungian dream. Hope you're enjoying it...

This blog  is currently the only place you can buy ROC. The old Exotic Pylon versions seems like it's still all over the place and all over the World but you simply can't buy ROC from anywhere else except here (and very soon Norman Records). If what you're trying to buy doesn't have the track A Tricylic Race on it then it's not an IX Tab product...

Exotic Pylon have nothing to do with ROC. You know I'm sad about this but it's true. They can't sell ROC because they have no copies of it.

There is also currently no way to buy ROC as a download (I don't like downloads); if you've bought one from iTunes etc then it's not from me.