Thursday, 4 September 2014

A genesis of sorts: how we lost the Dada

Now the second album is almost on you (in you, perhaps), I thought it's time to revisit some of the early attempts at being IX Tab... none of them ever made it off tapes given to friends (some of those tapes have been incorporated in the Spindle & The Bregnut album, a few others in R.O.C.) but they are the history of the current incarnation and the reason IX Tab had to be called IX Tab, against my better instincts. The first is documented here and the second, then called Dada IX Tab, is documented here. A third version existed in a kind of dream-space between Spacemen 3, Psychic TV, The Butthole Surfers and Big Black but only lasted for two practices because none of us could carry my bass amp. If you care, that one featured an early incarnation of Kemper Norton on imaginary keyboards. You'll have to ask him. It was all so long ago.

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