Friday, 11 October 2013

At The Farm (Salvage)

Yes it was.

Salvage via the Kemper Norton lens.

I haven't written much about this amazing event because it genuinely was indescribably good fun and my usual half-arsed schtick just couldn't do it any justice: wonderfully up-for-it crowd, a venue that perfectly suited the musics - the stage I played on was the best stage I'll ever play on - and a vibe that just went...

The way the installation sounds mangled up with me and Kemper's sets... the way the concrete bunker shaped and channelled Hacker Farm's dense sounds (the moment where Kek tripped the Casio drum beats and Bren did a genuine WTF! double-take before joining in the fun...wonderful group playing)... Hugh and Ashley, doubly eccentric from either ends of the scale, oddments all around, the way the trees looked in the lights, Zoe's great plantpot sculpture/light... even the food and the cakes were perfect.

Just Wow.

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