Friday, 19 April 2013

The Loplop Sluice

I've just been working on a suite (tweet) of 3 songs provisionally entitled The Loplop Sluice, named after the Ernst bird series and featuring Hitchcock / Du Maurier references amongst slews of disembodied electronic (and real) birdchatter and starling formations. Then, by accident I came across An Offering To Loplop, which seems to be a blog of art inspired by Loplop and may in fact be related in some way to this, which I haven't really fully investigated... So, wormholes... this weekend's will be Loplop inspired, which will probably mean that The Loplop Sluice itself will change. The original plan I had for the 3 related songs has already changed slightly because I couldn't quite generate the exact tune in my head using my limited musical skills (some of you will have heard the 1st album...) and I have a natural disaffinity with improvisation per se (unless it's inspired by accident / chance meeting) since I'm a little anal retentive in generating music, if not much else, and want everything to be planned out meticulously and, importantly, to sound like the music in my head...

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