Sunday, 21 April 2013

ROC Group 9 (Yeovil)

Another day, a new song (almost) based on this place.

This was at Southwoods, at the edge of Ninesprings, ripped from the woods. It was part of the UKWMO - an early warning system of sorts. A place of melancholy and discussion when we were kids. It was assumed everyone was watching the skies. Close Encounters was real then, a Russian missile attack inevitable. Its gone now, the fear is of a different kind of alien, a different kind of Soviet.

I wish I'd been part of this expedition, would've been cool to find out what was really in there. I'm sure they are lying about the demons they found though because everyone knows that when the Royal Observer Corps moved out, the demons moved in.

Chatter. Fallout. They listen.

Are. Still. Listening.

Are Glistening.

Are here.

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