Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Old Odilon Redon, Yeovil

Looking for pictures to illustrate the last post, I found this great blog entry on The now reconfigured Odilon Redon, otherwise known as The old Odeon Cinema in Yeovil. As far as I know, it was only called Odilon Redon by one person, an LSD damaged guy I used to know but whose name I have now forgotten - I can see his thin face, streaked with bad tidings, his gingery hair clinging to his face, his arms crossed across him like he's trying to hug himself to death - but that name has stuck with me. Back then, I don't think I even knew who Odilon Redon was (I'm not convinced he did either) but I found out and, well, you can't say his art doesn't fit. Here's Odilon's take on the Cyclops, for instance:
Now, I'm pretty sure I knew that guy from kicking around Yeovil back in the 80s too. The one-eyed were legion, propped up by bars and chunky-cut scrumpy, full of stories of witches and wires and dead soldiers.
But the Odilon Redon endures, sort of. It's there in spirit and has been almost assimilated. Inside, it looks even odder, like a David Lynch bedstore or something from a lost Kubrick still. It's sort of important to the IX Tab story - at least one of the tracks on the new album will be about it, in a psychogoegraphical not about it at all kind of way.

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