Sunday, 3 March 2013

In The Blake Midwinter Remix

The everlovely Richard Fontenoy of Freq and the Drift of Signifieds has done a lovely, drifting spectral dub remix of In The Blake Midwinter, called Why Be Bleak In the Blake Midwinter which is available for free - I assume he's okay with that; it's not like I actually asked - below: Very much worth it if you thought the original was a bit misplaced and spiky and gulpy and annoying (I think that sometimes too). The DoS remix spruces it considerably, I think... makes sense even of the wooden drums. Here's a Mediafire link to the track, which goes down as the first IX Tab remix (hopefully, there'll be many more):
Why Be Bleak In the Blake Midwinter (DoS Spectral Dub Mix)
By the way. the image is a postcard of St John's Church in the centre of Yeovil and the photograph was taken last year. Things are different this far West.

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