Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Outer Church

Apologies for those who are already fully sick to the teeth of hearing about this (i.e. everyone who's ever heard about it) but I'm very excited to be playing at The Outer Church with Hacker Farm and Kemper Norton in a few weeks time. It's great to be playing my first gig as IX Tab with such great mates at such a fantastic event.Seems like lots of the bloggerati are coming down to the coast to see us too so it's gonna be a real gathering of the tribes, the biggest since the time Ekoplekz and Hacker Farm played Resonance FM back in 2010 (Christ, that doesn't seem like any time). In fact, my trip that day with Nick Ekoplekz is in a large part responsible for the re-emergence of IX Tab since he was winding me up the whole way about getting off my arse and releasing something. I might even have played him (on cassette!) a very rough sketch of Seams Of Goodwill on the journey back... Many many thanks to Joe Stannard for organising all of this.

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  1. It was a brilliant gig and you were excellent. I bought a CD and will be playing 'A Hanging in TS Eliot’s Garden' on my radio show More Than Human. We broadcast out of Vancouver so the best way to hear it is via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/citr-more-than-human/id511192559