Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Notes On Spindle & The Bregnut Tree

From the accompanying CD insert, which some will have:

These songs, these slim Chants, are collected from recordings made between 1987 to 2012 in a variety of locations, mostly midway between the deepest West Country hallows & the skaen boundaries of the 303. They are intended as humchatter, as incidentals, as sly whispers. Many of the recordings feature friends & munkins now deceased, or almost & as such stand as a poor testament to lost souls & burst seams much missed. The lost Ls are lost els. The Line Of Wounds is heavy in all these songs & it’s a line seldom crossed & seldom seen. Errors & burrs aren’t errors, the glitches not so much worshipped as slid by & laughed at. Any cackles or crackles are intended, any loose limbs or broken lines are broken only in afterthought, skewed only through distance. If things don’t seem to go where they ought, then it’s simply because I’ve struggled with understanding them or else misunderstood their intentions. I’ve tried to wrestle with all these breaths but there comes a time to stop wrestling & let these bitter little fruits loose.

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