Monday, 2 March 2015

A Statement on R.O.C

Thanks to all the people who've bought ROC so far. It is flying off the shelves, like a Jungian dream. Hope you're enjoying it...

This blog  is currently the only place you can buy ROC. The old Exotic Pylon versions seems like it's still all over the place and all over the World but you simply can't buy ROC from anywhere else except here (and very soon Norman Records). If what you're trying to buy doesn't have the track A Tricylic Race on it then it's not an IX Tab product...

Exotic Pylon have nothing to do with ROC. You know I'm sad about this but it's true. They can't sell ROC because they have no copies of it.

There is also currently no way to buy ROC as a download (I don't like downloads); if you've bought one from iTunes etc then it's not from me.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Few Moments with ROC

Here's a few samples of the tracks from ROC: This was partly created live because of a fuckload of sampled birds playing over a quiet bit of my set at the brilliant Hacker Farm curated Salvage; I needed to counter with my own and so this little Loplopping song was born. ROC himself features heavily, of course; a gentle, powerful guy. Who liked a bit of Stockhausen on the side too. This is the opening track of ROC. There's about a million different versions of this (there's five) and most will eventually see the light of the day. ROC gets the 'car crash' version because, well, you know why...

Thursday, 5 February 2015

New (improved) IX Tab album. R.O.C.

R.O.C. is re-released on Twiggwytch Recordings,
February 14th 2015...
This is the album that might have been. It almost was. It sort of has-been. On one level, it’s been out for a few months now but there’s been some slippage. Exotic Pylon imploded, it seems; I’m not exactly sure what happened - they were one of my favourite labels. But... no one could get hold of the album. It didn't appear in places you might have expected. It existed as a kind of benevolent rumour, a ROC-tease, an in-joke. People said nice things about it if they managed to hear it, people were very kind.
R.O.C. attempts to understand the frequencies of all manner of things, blending folk and glitch, noise, drone and electronica, alongside spoken word and even some happy little slices of 90s rave, ambient and 4th World trance.
Ted Hughes duets with my three year old munkin, Jung and Stockhausen don’t really get on, drones are made from the amplified hums of surrealist films. Max Ernst’s Loplop plays with Bertrand Russell, Descartes paints rainbows, ASMR artists vie for attention with sinister hypnotists, pretty Christmas songs and ancient folk hiccups. It’s all a bit sidereal, if we could remember what that really meant...
It's due out on 14th February 2015, though will probably be available a little before then and makes for an ideal Valentine's gift for all your loved ones.
There's a buy it now button to your right... How about treating everyone you know?
The first 50 copies will come with a free badge, specially designed by 2ndFade.
The IX Tab universe spills out into a completely redesigned 16 page booklet stuffed full of esoteric ephemera, psychogeographical details and quite possibly incorrect assumptions about the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685. The cover by 2ndFade is a minor triumph, even if he says so himself. R.O.C. ought to be regarded as an escapee, a phoenix without flames. It is here now in a form it has never taken. The track lost from the original release - A Tricyclic Race - has been reintroduced in its proper place.
A Drunken Bone (Of Chrome)
I M Wh U Mk Ov M
A Wasp in the Queen's Skull
St James & The 28 Pieces
A Tricyclic Race
The Sutton Wytch Found-Fox
The Sweet Track
A Prayer to the Head
Blowm (For Alan Turing)

Monday, 27 October 2014

IX Tab - Dance Dance Dance

A short promo to nothing, using a mostly instrumental version of St James & The 28 Pieces that I found around the house plus some video snips and bites from the usual suspects: Children of God, Weathermen etc

Dance, dance, dance.

Ix Tab Loves You All.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Hacker Farm / Somerset Arts Week

Going here tonight... Missed the last few performances of these guys through one minor calamity or another so really looking forward to this.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Unofficial Video for Parhelion

Now with added Gus Honeybun, for reasons I can't ever explain.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A genesis of sorts: how we lost the Dada

Now the second album is almost on you (in you, perhaps), I thought it's time to revisit some of the early attempts at being IX Tab... none of them ever made it off tapes given to friends (some of those tapes have been incorporated in the Spindle & The Bregnut album, a few others in R.O.C.) but they are the history of the current incarnation and the reason IX Tab had to be called IX Tab, against my better instincts. The first is documented here and the second, then called Dada IX Tab, is documented here. A third version existed in a kind of dream-space between Spacemen 3, Psychic TV, The Butthole Surfers and Big Black but only lasted for two practices because none of us could carry my bass amp. If you care, that one featured an early incarnation of Kemper Norton on imaginary keyboards. You'll have to ask him. It was all so long ago.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

ROC is here...

ROC is: Robert Oglivie Crombie; the Royal Observer Corps; the mythical Persian bird (the legend and the cracked eggs of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad); maybe a form of the mysterious Redeeming Our Communities (or a lost cousin); the literary initials of an old friend who dragged around donkeys and threw stones at himself.

All and more. No one seriously believes in accidents in this (acid) house.

It's available here

Here's the opener:

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Two Magicians - Derek and Hazel Sarjeant (Exmoor Song)

A magick sung from Somerset.

Yeah, the Current 93 version, but this is the (water) Dog's. Without Tibet, the strangeness seems to seep through the walls of this place; the reflections in the mullioned glasses, the smell of pipe-smoke and smoked bracken. This is embedded folk weirdness that can't be replicated or transformed or accommodated.

A little digging on the author from here:

William Sparks (1854-1916) was born and spent all his life in Minehead, at 1 Middle Street, Higher Town. His father John was a blacksmith and William followed in the trade, though he is also said to have rented properties to holiday makers. His song ' The Two Magicians' was the only item Cecil Sharp collected from him, but it was unique in Somerset and rare elsewhere. William became ill 1916 and died in Taunton Hospital.
We need our own Cecil Sharp, travelling the hills and glades of Soundcloud and Bandcamp and Rasperry Pi networked microwebs. Hang on a sec, I'll just get me boots...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

ROC & Stockhausen

Just found a lovely old paperback on Findhorn & found links between Stockhausen and Robert Ogilvie Crombie that I figured (knew) I'd imagined. Pan / Kurmos is coming!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Yeovil / Evill

Map from 1500s showing when Yeovil was Evill.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

At The Ends Of Yeovil

Yeovil at the end of the end of the universe, when everyone is already dead. An alternative 90s, when the world ended and no one was told. Some context for a track on the forthcoming IX Tab album.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Universal Solar Calendar

Also here
Almost Year but different. Angus Maclise is the (well) hidden presence on the track Blasted, soon to be released on the new IX Tab album. He comes in the fall. And Blastitude, of course, was released in the magical year of 1973, as foreshadowed (future-leaked) in the closing hidden/not hidden track on Spindle & The Bregnut Tree.
Long lives.
Log lives.
Logariddims, as Ekoplekz might say.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Forgot to link to this. Someone/something was lurking in the woods behind the stage while I played...


Thursday, 31 October 2013

In negotiations (mostly with myself) re: the eventual release of the 7" version of St James & The 28 Pieces. It might still happen.

Location:St James & The 28 Pieces

Friday, 11 October 2013

At The Farm (Salvage)

Yes it was.

Salvage via the Kemper Norton lens.

I haven't written much about this amazing event because it genuinely was indescribably good fun and my usual half-arsed schtick just couldn't do it any justice: wonderfully up-for-it crowd, a venue that perfectly suited the musics - the stage I played on was the best stage I'll ever play on - and a vibe that just went...

The way the installation sounds mangled up with me and Kemper's sets... the way the concrete bunker shaped and channelled Hacker Farm's dense sounds (the moment where Kek tripped the Casio drum beats and Bren did a genuine WTF! double-take before joining in the fun...wonderful group playing)... Hugh and Ashley, doubly eccentric from either ends of the scale, oddments all around, the way the trees looked in the lights, Zoe's great plantpot sculpture/light... even the food and the cakes were perfect.

Just Wow.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

FĂ©licien Rops

Important to at least one track on the new album. A genius, perhaps a pervert, maybe in a good way (maybe the only way). You could expect Austin Osman Spare but Rops was a far greater influence on the music in the early days of IX Tab because he'd crawled inside my skull by then and had settled, like those flies in The Wasp Factory. Homage required.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Burned Wretch

As featured on The Outer Church compilation (and played on the ever-unpredictable Late Junction) and now in 2nd Pressing... Clips based on Estonian animation film by Rein Raamat. Tallinnfilm, 1983 itself based on engravings by Eduard Viiralt. Circles within circles.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New IX Tab album (teaser)

The new album - R.O.C. - will be out sometime when the Sun goes down; expect it before Midwinter 2013.